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October 26, 2012


... I didn't tell you guys but I went to a camp for the past three days. And believe me. It was kdsfnskl-- So good. I met so many nice people and stuff and everybody was so nice. > w <. I was really surprised that everybody was like that. Like, I already knew my class but we were there with.. almost the whole school. But I made so many new friends. :iconexcitedblushplz:

And the activities that we did there were also fun! We did some sort of 'bucket-list' with points and stuff. And believe me, it was so cool. We did a flashmob of gangnam style in the busiest shopping-place(...I forgot the word derp) I ever saw. AND EVEN PEOPLE WHO WE DIDN'T KNOW JOINED IT. LOL.  The group where I was in was also really nice! aahh--

But every class had some sort of activity that they had to prepare. And our class had the 'TEST OF COURAGE' It was really cool. Because we had invited some girls who were really good with special effect make up and stuff. They also did my makeup: I was like the joker. You know. A huge smile, white face, ectect. But in the forest I had to sit with the most quiet girl ever. I mean, it's ok if you're quiet but in the three hours, were I had to sit on the ground, waiting for people: SHE SAID NOTHING. All she did was playing with her phone, and because of that people saw us. Really. I took that phone away from her. Sorry if people are thinking bad of that but seriously. She did nothing and it was impossible to do it alone. ;; Btw after that action of me she still did nothing. dkfnslk. Face palming everywhere.

But ok. It .. was really fun. Probably more things happened but I can't think of that now.

I'm going to sleep now.

WEEGEE OUT. //Rolls away
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